About Salez Ninja

As a group of successful business owners and sales reps, we understand that real estate is a busy and time consuming industry. The constant demand of nurturing client relationships is imperative in order to be successful. Without a tool to assist with this, time management can be very challenging. Our primary goal was to develop a personalized Client-Realtor relationship System. Our Simple one touch relationship retention management system can keep the real estate agent in constant communication with current clients, past clients and their sphere of influence. For over a decade we have tested a...

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Our Services


Network Builder

Create, build and nurture client relationships in one click


Business Builder

Customize client relationships through MMS/SMS, GhostDial and much more


Gift Connection

One touch send gifts that enhance client relations.


Calendar Buddy

Business planner with automatic reminders of important client events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc

Happy Clients