Business Builder

Let Salez Ninja do the work for you!

Business Builder allows 12 months of pre-scheduled contact with the user's entire client list using one or all features below.

Custom Email

Create a custom email with an attachment which is perfect for advertisements or any announcements possibilities are endless..


Gift Connection

Gift Connection is a special feature designed to enhance the loyalty factor in the client relationship. In just a few simple steps you can easily send a gift that has been designed by an award winning basket company or a Gift card of any amount.  Choose from different price ranges to meet your budget.  Baskets are sent with your contact info and personal message.

*Please note, each gift basket is sold separately and not included in the monthly packages.


Calendar Buddy


Calendar Buddy is not your typical calendar.  The Calendar buddy is an all-in-one reliable connection to your relationship rentention management system.  It is the professional business planner for all your business needs.

→ Schedule appointments
→ Logs all completed Salez Ninja Rentention tasks
→ Connect and schedule important dates from your client list, including special occasions with reminders
→ Exclusive automated built-in gifting feature
→ Input daily task reminders
→ All important dates stored in history


FACT: Calendar blocking and time management require putting in the work to get the reward.